Progrip set Nacra 17 blue/white diamond


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NACRA 17 progrip set grey/white diamond, is the progrip set for the NACRA 17. From out the full foiling version of the NACRA 17, we supplied all the NACAR 17’s with this type of progrip.

The best advantage of progrip, it’s prevents you from slipping away on the boat. Other advantage is protection for small damages to the hulls. Final, it looks nicely.

Progrip or Eva grip, its a different word for the same product. You can find the progrip in different colors and shapes. For the NACAR 17, we have chosen a grey/white version with a diamond shape pattern in it. With a figure in the progrip, the water lash away easier. What again helps to stay stable on the boat.

A technical note; The sheets are a bit longer the needed is on the boat. The leftover you can cut away for the best looking result. The NACRA 17 progrip set grey/white diamond includes a port and stbd sheet. The thickness of the progrip is 4mm.