Snufferbag race XL Nacra F20c


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This snufferbag race nf20c is a perfect fit for the Nacra 20C, curved or FCS.

The general advantage of the snufferbag race;

The polyester laminate gives structure to the material. Resulting in sailing more balanced for the reason that the snufferbag keeps it shape.

Taffeta is the material for inside the snufferbag. The soft touch inside, creates an easy hosting and dropping of the spinnaker.
The fabric prevents water from absorbing into snufferbag. This make the snufferbag and spinnaker lighter, what also results in easier hosting of the spinnaker.

In comparing to the snufferbag black, the race version is most used on racing boats. The black edition is most used at the fun boats (Nacra 460, 500 and 570).